At Step Advisory we work closely with CEOs and their executive teams to craft optimal strategies which enable them to compete in their chosen market, positively impact bottom-line performance and grow stakeholder value. Our strategy formulation process is a highly effective process which ensures alignment across executive teams and which fosters commitment to a co-ordinated blueprint designed to support future growth.

Unlock your team’s collective intelligence

Every effective CEO and executive team needs a clear and robust strategy which guides the optimal allocation of scarce and valuable resources. Leaders often find it challenging to be both a participant and a facilitator of this key process, particularly when it comes to challenging an executive team’s thinking in a nonthreatening way. Strategy formulation helps leaders to infuse this process with the inspiration required to ensure the best outcome.

An independent and objective facilitator is able to ask tough, uncomfortable questions and, in the process, to stretch the thinking of the team beyond the normal boundaries. This approach enables the leader to participate in the process while having the benefit of an objective sounding board, rather than an echo chamber. An external strategy facilitator is also able to elicit open and honest feedback from all the participants, insights that might not be readily shared in an internal setting.

Strategy formulation:
Where to play and how to win

The end result of an excellent strategy formulation process is a clearly well-defined and articulated strategy that highlights the market in which the organisation intends to ‘play’ and how they intend to win. Success is, in large part, dependent on the actions of a highly aligned, inspired, and committed executive team whose members have been active participants in the strategy formulation process and who are fully committed to the success of the business and the ins and outs of the future growth plan.

How can we help your business?

When you work with the Step Advisory team to formulate your business strategy we start by getting the basics right. We conduct a detailed analysis of your current business and success trajectory, we incorporate your long-term ambitions and then work together with your leadership team to craft a clear and practical blueprint which outlines how to achieve your goals.

To enhance the strategy formulation process and ensure alignment with stakeholders, Step Advisory always strives to:

  • Obtain market insights and trends in order to provide the context of the current and potential future operating environment.
  • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders to obtain first-hand business insights required to drive successful strategy formulation.
  • Where required, we utilise surveys to obtain input and perspective from larger groups within the organisation.
  • Facilitate workshops with carefully selected executives to answer pertinent questions during the design process.

Years of experience have taught us that it is critical to approach each of these touchpoints in an exciting and engaging way that is clearly distinguishable from the normal course of business. This will assist in stretching the thinking of the executive team and will contribute to the co-creation of an inspired strategy. Step Advisory’s facilitation team comprises talented individuals skilled in the science and art of directing this delicate process. We work directly with you and your business to craft a memorable experience that delivers inspired results.

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