Step Advisory’s corporate dashboarding and measurement solution represents and tracks your company’s key drivers and performance metrics and presents these insights in the form of a real-time ‘control panel’. This vital tool ensures that salient information is concisely and efficiently communicated to key decision makers in your business.

Consolidated and concise business reporting

As a business leader we know you and your key management teams spend significant amounts of time on operational commitments and that you review a wide range of business data. But this leaves less time to deal with strategic issues. Our dashboarding and measurement solution solves this conundrum.

Appropriate and relevant dashboards can support you and your management teams by providing a consolidated and concise report that is aligned with the strategic drivers of your business and which measures the objectives of the company in the most efficient manner. This tool will allow you to effectively measure and manage not only the tangible impact of the strategic decisions your leadership team makes, but also the progress of execution against a defined strategy.

How can we help your business?

Our process begins by defining the key metrics for the business or division that you require measuring and monitoring on a regular basis. These are the strategic metrics and business drivers that drive shareholder return by enabling informed decision making.

Once the metrics are confirmed, the design process begins to determine how best to display this information in a visually compelling format that is easy to consume as and when required.

A prototype of the dashboard is created in order to practically trace the availability of source system data that must be consolidated to enable accurate reporting. It is often at this point when gaps in the data being collected by your business will be discovered, highlighting potential system upgrade requirements that will need to be made in order to allow for system-driven reporting.

Based on the dashboarding tool deployed by the business, we strive to ensure the dashboard is consistently updated and presented in a consumable manner to create an easily-accessible means in which to track metrics over time, observe trends, pick up early warning signals and proactively react.

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