In a complex world filled with interminable volumes and ever-changing sources of information, you as a business leader, need to be smart and nimble in your knowledge of the market context in which your business operates, and to deeply understand the drivers of your business. Our experienced team will ensure that you are informed by the most recent and pertinent insights into both your business and the market context.

Market Insight

Access research and analytics on current and future market and industry trends, including the competitive landscape and your current and target customer segments to help you understand the markets in which your business operates. This, underpinned by our team’s deep analytical and strategic thinking, is critical in the development or refinement of the strategic journey of your business to growth and success.

It was a great experience working with the Step team. They were professional, practical, and highly resourceful. They assisted us in garnering new insights in an under-researched and opaque market segment. Overall a pleasure to work with!”
Investment Specialist, Investec

Market Research & Analysis

Market Research and Analytics provide business leaders with a comprehensive understanding of their business’s external environment.

Competitor Analysis

Our Competitor Analysis provides business leaders with the opportunity to map and size the competitive landscape.

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation involves defining customer segments and assessing behaviours through external market research.

Business Insights

Internal business data is the golden key to deeply understanding your business and its competitive advantages; however, it derives limited value if it remains static and unutilised. The combination of extracting internal business insights and the underlying analysis and measurement of the data is key to finding meaning and alignment of the strategic goals and direction of your business, a focussed process that we can support you in.

We enjoyed working with the Step team, they were practical in their approach and delivered some meaningful insights and recommendations at the end of their assignment. Their involvement in this specific project has been very beneficial to our business”
CEO, Rhodes Food Group


In a world with endless data points, it is critical for business leaders to translate this data into meaningful insights that guide and inform strategic decision making.

Business Intelligence

Transforming data into actionable insights to inform strategic business decisions, leveraging appropriate business intelligence technologies.

Dashboarding & Measurement

The visual representation of key drivers and performance metrics is essential to concisely and efficiently communicate information to key decision makers. 

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