Business intelligence comprises the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the data analysis of business information. Our business intelligence technologies provide historical, current and predictive views of your business operations.

Driving informed, quantifiable decisions

We provide essential business intelligence by understanding and defining the significant revenue drivers of your business and then providing the basis for tracking and monitoring these critical metrics. This ensures that you and your leadership team are able to make informed, quantifiable decisions by tapping into the data your business produces in a meaningful way.

By combining our data analytics and strategy competencies we are able to translate raw data into business insights that can be used to drive your business forward.

How can we help your business?

Understanding the drivers and levers of a specific business model is the starting point for unpacking relevant and useful business intelligence that can be used to make the right commercial decisions at the right time for your organisation.

Tracking and monitoring the correct metrics is essential if your business wants to optimise performance and maximise shareholder value. This is achieved by leveraging business intelligence to look at the data generated by the business and interpreting it to provide insights that drive decision making.

For example, the most efficient way to understand changing customer behaviour is to interrogate the internal data being produced by your business and see how it has changed over time. This can then be overlaid with several external data sources to highlight how external influences are impacting behaviour. Equipped with business intelligence insight, you can your business can better understand how customer needs are evolving in response to market factors, enabling you to make informed changes to capitalise on these changing needs and preferences.

Unlike typical business intelligence service providers, Step Advisory does not promote or push specific products or technology solutions – we focus on the data and the insight first before worrying about the tool.

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