A business case is a powerful tool to motivate for the development of a new business opportunity. It provides a detailed view of the opportunity, including an analysis of the market, the value proposition, implementation strategy and a financial plan. A robust business case, created according to the Step Advisory method, enables leaders to make informed investment decisions based on a thorough understanding of all the components needed to ensure success.

Opportunity assessment

Business case development offers value as your business enters the growth phase of its journey by providing guidance around how to allocate scarce capital across multiple business opportunities. We collaborate with you and your management team to develop the business case into a concise

and clear presentation of the costs, benefits and risks associated with the identified opportunity. Our business cases provide reliable and critical information that enables executive or investment committees to make important decisions around whether or not to pursue a particular opportunity.

Business case development:
Inspired and relevant innovation

A business case motives for the development of a new business opportunity and forms the basis of a go or no go decision. Since a new business opportunity often competes for scarce resources, it is essential that executive decisions are well informed to ensure new opportunities drive meaningful bottom-line growth. Our clients recognise that our philosophy of inspired and relevant innovation is reflected in our ability to develop excellent business cases capable of prioritising opportunities for new business growth.

Business case development may be necessary to:

  • Understand the specific market dynamics that might have an impact on an underlying opportunity.
  • Prioritise the allocation of scarce capital to opportunities that offer the best risk-return profiles.
  • Clearly identify the costs, benefits and key risks associated with pursuing a given opportunity.
  • Form a high-level plan for the implementation of a new business opportunity.

A Step Advisory business case is a concise and clear presentation of the intended business concept. It provides reliable and critical information that will guide the decision as to whether to pursue an opportunity.

How can we help your business?

Our business case approach involves the investigation and definition of:

  • WHO? A new business opportunity will serve the need it is addressing (market analysis, competitor analysis and target market analysis).
  • WHAT? Define the new business opportunity and how it will fulfil the need (description of the unique value proposition).
  • HOW? Understand how a new business opportunity will work (current capabilities, operating model, environments and structures).
  • IF? A new business opportunity must be financially feasible (financial modelling to assess the capital investment and financial impact of the new initiative, and determine profitability required to meet the shareholders’ expectations of returns).

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