A feasibility analysis is a process of calculating the financial implications of implementing a new project or business change by reflecting on the costs, benefits and risks implicit in the decision. Step Advisory works with you and your business to fully test all these assumptions and provide multiple data points to objectively highlight the financial and operational feasibility. This ensures you have the right information to make informed and intelligent investment decisions.

Refine ideas into tangible offerings

If your business is in an expansionary phase, then you stand to benefit from our feasibility analysis service. Oftentimes we find that leaders have an existing strategy and pre-determined projects for business growth but they are unsure about the associated costs, benefits and risks. Our feasibility analysis solution helps to refine your ideas into tangible offerings that deliver value and set you apart from your competitors.

As a business leader, you can expect a profitability and sensitivity analysis of different scenarios, as well as a documented list of risks and potential mitigations. Armed with this information you and your business are well placed to make informed decisions based on tested assumptions and financial feasibility models.

How can we help your business?

Decision making requires relevant and meaningful data and insights. We equip business leaders with these vital components by engaging with your business’s financial management and operational personnel to gain a full understanding of all conditions, assumptions, metrics, costs and benefits of proposed project or business changes. We then pull all this information together in a financial model that reflects the impact of a ‘go’ or ‘no-go’ decision. Our team brings years of finance and modelling experience to our client partnerships and we are adept at grasping important feasibility issues which we then incorporate into a relevant and user-friendly model to determine the costs and benefits of client initiatives.

By combining our strategic frameworks, research and data analysis capabilities we are able to test and validate your growth initiatives. Our feasibility analysis model is built based on client company and market information, to include:

  • Expected benefits from implementing the new project and/or business.
  • Expected costs of product/service development and roll-out.
  • Expected savings or income from the product or service.
  • Risks.

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