Corporate venturing is a key pillar in a company’s growth strategy, one which provides a systematic process to generate, filter and incubate ideas into opportunities. This has material implications for bottom-line growth. Corporate venturing is a comprehensive process that spans the full spectrum of the innovation value chain: from initial strategy development and idea generation to business case development and the commercialisation of new opportunities.

Establish an internal innovation process

Many of our clients are adept at running successful businesses but would like to strategically grow their operations to incorporate new markets, products or channels. Our experienced corporate venturing team will establish an internal innovation process to generate and harness your business’s corporate innovation ideas. These ideas are filtered according to criteria aligned with the company’s corporate growth strategies, objectives and resources. We effectively design, implement and manage the innovation process, to ensure a consistent pipeline of screened opportunities for which detailed business cases are developed and presented to key stakeholders.

If your strategic objective is to disrupt an existing market, we are well placed to support you in market research, ideation, business case development and the commercialisation of new products and services that redefine the market and accommodate break-through growth. Our team will present new product/service value propositions and develop business cases to address the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘if’ of promising value propositions.

Successful business growth

We know that one of your biggest challenges as a business leader is how best to successfully grow your business. By tapping into our framework, insight, imagination and new business development experience we can help to crystalise and inform your growth ambitions. Our corporate venturing process provides a growth solution for your business if you are facing the following situations:

  • Diminishing returns from the existing business and a need to diversify.
  • A challenging competitor environment and a need to differentiate.
  • Spare capacity or under-utilised cash reserves and a need for direction.

These situations give rise to considerations such as product innovation to existing markets, possible geographic expansion or the development of new distribution channels. We are well versed in the origination and implementation of new business opportunities, providing sound guidance best suited to your current requirements to help grow your business and deliver meaningful shareholder value.

How can we help your business?

Our process involves six phases. You are welcome to engage with us at any point in the process:

  • Corporate growth strategy: Laying the foundation for the corporate venturing process and answering the question of how the business will grow (strategy facilitation to determine a corporate growth strategy, defining whether the corporate venturing process will pursue opportunities in new products, new markets or new channels).
  • Opportunity brainstorm: Generating, mapping and grouping of new business ideas and opportunities (through the facilitation of interviews and workshops with your executive team).
  • Opportunity filtering: Filtering and prioritisation of opportunities according to tailored selection criteria such as alignment with the corporate growth strategy, return on investment, time to market and financial impact (development of high-level business cases using tools such as a feasibility analysis).
  • Business case development: Compiling a detailed business case for the prioritised ideas which have successfully met the selection criteria.
  • Implementation: Implementation of the approved business cases involving project planning and management for the commercialisation of new business growth initiatives.
  • Monitoring and review: Following up and reporting on the growth projects implemented.

We strongly recommend that you and your business undertake the complete corporate venturing journey with us to ensure the full benefit of this holistic process is unlocked. Your business will benefit from our continued involvement in the optimisation of performance of these new products, markets or channels.

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