At Step Advisory we provide CEO support to executives when they need it most. Although the path of leadership is immensely rewarding, it is often a lonely, stressful and uncertain road. Our team of experts provides objectivity, expertise and capacity to senior leaders, enabling them to progress towards their end destination with more certainty and at a higher velocity.

We journey alongside leaders in three ways:


We are your sounding board during uncertain times.


We provide a highly skilled task team when velocity is required.


We offer industry expertise in the face of disruption.

Leverage opportunities

As a business leader you face times when you are overwhelmed by opportunity or confined in constraints. To leverage these opportunities, you must constantly navigate the stormy waters of industry disruption and resource allocation, while still motivating and guiding your team to explore uncharted oceans.

The Step Advisory team is both objective and independent in this process. We are removed from the day-to-day running of your business and are, therefore, able to increase the speed of execution significantly. By bringing a critical thinking lens to your deliberations we are able to ask the right questions which unlock rigorous solutions to any challenge.

Confidence in the face of unprecedented change

From external uncertainty to internal adaptations, forces of change impact your entire organisation, not only the leaders or executive. To leverage the opportunities created in times of change, businesses need to move fast and with clear direction towards the top priorities.


To help you adapt, Step Advisory is able to deploy short-term task teams to assist in the implementation of your most critical, urgent or high-value projects, enabling you to move fast when you need to most.


We provide objectivity and critical thinking which cuts through the chaos of running a company and assists in the formulation of a clear and implementable direction.


We boast extensive industry and subject matter expertise across our fields of knowledge which we bring together to help to identify the top priorities for your business.

CEO Support: How we can help you?

Our team will embark on a journey with you to understand your company, your team and your challenges.

Experience tells us that there is no single solution to the challenges being faced by leaders and business – and there is no single process to solve them either. Taking into account your unique needs and focus, our team can assist with anything from a few hours of advice around a specific challenge to a multi-month retainer which enables you and your business to tap into our skills and know-how as projects and opportunities arise.

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