During the investment process, governance often requires the submission of an investment thesis to an investment committee for approval and sign-off. Step Advisory has extensive experience in supporting transaction teams through this review stage. Our experts will guide you through the salient points and strategic rationale to present to ensure that an informed investment decision can be reached.

Leadership team support

If you and your business are pursing growth by means of strategic acquisition, then you need Step Advisory in your corner. We provide expertise in presenting the investment thesis in such a way that all the associated risks and opportunities are highlighted, in order to drive accurate investment decisions.

Our experts provide experienced capacity in structuring the strategic rationale for the transaction in a way that is easily understood and highlights the value creation plan for the decision-makers to assess.

We offers support to your investment committee by answering their critical questions and providing an objective and independent perspective on the transaction to enable informed decision making.

How can we help your business?

Step Advisory’s ability to understand both strategy and corporate finance enables us to put ourselves in the shoes of potential investors and ask the hard questions. Our investment committee support unpacks all the elements of a transaction and assists with testing and validating the assumptions underpinning the transaction. We look to quantify and qualify both the major risk items and growth prospects presented by the transaction.

Deal teams often become overeager to pursue a deal and, in the process, lose an element of objectivity. The Step Advisory team brings an unconflicted and independent perspective, which is of particular importance to the deliberations of the investment committee.

Our approach centres on reviewing the transaction and engaging with the deal team and investment committee to understand the key threats that need to be mitigated and value creation opportunities that must be tested. We then systematically address each of these elements so an informed investment decision can be made.

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