Where strategy entails growth, our expertise really comes to the fore. We work closely with CEOs and executive teams to determine the tailored strategic direction of your business while considering the optimal allocation of scarce resources, thereby giving your business the edge, enabling you to compete in chosen markets, positively impact your business’s bottom line and grow stakeholder value.

Strategy & Decision Support

Step will journey with you to formulate, activate, and communicate strategies identified to intensify your business’s growth trajectory. We understand that when it comes to strategy and growth, one size does not fit all, and so our approach to providing strategic support to you in making unique business decisions is tailored to your business needs.

We have had the good fortune to work with Step, who clarified both our strategic choices and what actions we should take. There were difficult decisions to be made but these were not left until consensus was reached. The sessions were very robust and the facilitation was excellent. We recommend Step without hesitation and will use them again in the future.”

Strategy Formulation

The strategy formulation process is a highly effective way of ensuring alignment across executive teams and fostering a commitment to the blueprint for future growth.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning assists you in cataloguing and prioritising the numerous strategic initiatives being investigated and pursued in your business.

Feasibility Analysis

A feasibility analysis is a process of calculating the financial implications of implementing a new project or business change and reflecting the costs, benefits, and risks implicit in the decision.

Strategic Communication

We can help you take complex information and communicate it in a succinct, visually appealing way to ensure the most pertinent points resonate with the appropriate target audience.

Growth & Innovation

Businesses exist to create value-generating growth and leading organisations do this more consistently. Not all growth drives value. We at Step have a deep understanding of strategy and drivers of value which we craft with you to create innovative solutions for enduring growth trajectories.

We had the pleasure of working with Step to build the business plan and revenue model around the Forgood value proposition, both for potential investors and ourselves. They’re attentive, super-intelligent, and flexible enough to move at the speed we do. The best outcome was not so much the model, projections, and investor deck (which was enormously useful) but rather how clear it became what we SHOULDN’T do. The Step process gave us focus.”
CEO, Forgood

Business Case Development

A business case provides a detailed view of the opportunity, including an analysis of the market, the value proposition, implementation strategy, and a financial plan.

Corporate Venturing

Corporate Venturing is a key pillar in a growth strategy and provides a systematic process to generate, filter and incubate ideas into opportunities, materially impacting bottom line.

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