Utilising consistent frameworks – like OKRs – within an organisation is incredibly valuable, with the caveat being that everyone is aligned on terminology, application and scope. OKR training is essential to ensuring this alignment – both prior to implementing OKRs as well as at regular intervals. This creates a common language, gets everyone on the same page and ensures new employees are onboarded effectively.

Align strategic objectives with daily activities

OKRs is a goal management framework, linking strategic themes to daily tasks. One of the main benefits of OKR training is helping to ensure that teams work together, united in a common language, clear lines of communication and clarity around objectives.

Unfortunately, this execution can break down at various levels. To ensure success it is critical that everyone in your organisation speaks the same language, that there is consistency in your execution frameworks and a common understanding about where each framework should be utilised.

OKR Training leads to quicker execution with less frustration

Teams who are new to OKRs will need to ensure all members of the team are on the same page. Team members who are new to teams using OKRs should be introduced to methodology and specific applications within that team. Teams that have been using OKRs for a while also need ongoing reminders of why and how they are using OKRs.

OKR training covers an in-depth view of the theory. More importantly, the process creates a lot of time for practical application to drive the understanding of the framework among participants.

With a proper understanding of the framework, space will be created for faster execution and less frustration. Many of the pitfalls that are commonly met during implementation will be avoided if the training is applied effectively.

How can we help your business?

Training can be conducted digitally or face to face.

During a one- to two-day OKR training session, Step Advisory will teach the theory and facilitate a discussion around the application within your business environment. OKR is a flexible framework that must be adapted to your specific situation. The majority of the training session will, however, be spent on practical examples – pushing participants to come up with their OKRs, to rate one other on the first set of OKRs drafted and to talk through specific challenges.

It is also imperative to understand how OKRs fit into a larger strategy execution framework and to open the floor to deal with concerns. OKR is not a silver bullet, but it is an important tool on the path of creating healthy business habits that can drive successful execution over the long term.

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