In partnership with our industry experts, Step Advisory takes on the role of your trusted advisor. We work with you and your business to support and assist in structuring and executing transactions, all the while helping to maximise value, both financially and strategically.

Sound transaction advice

If you are a buy or sell side investor, looking to enter into a transaction through an acquisition, a merger or a disposal requires skilled and detail-orientated advisors able to work through all transaction requirements. Our corporate finance team, supported by our network of trusted partners, will journey with you along the deal structuring process.

Our experienced team of experts works collaboratively with our expanded network of service providers to design the terms and conditions, helping to support your business through the negotiation process and, ultimately, concluding a successful transaction.

Deal support through the negotiation phase

Without the relevant experience and know-how, the Mergers and Acquisitions environment can be a complex and daunting affair. This is why Step Advisory strives to provide you with trusted advice throughout the transaction and deal structuring process that accords with your financial and strategic objectives.

Our experts will support you and your business throughout the various stages of the negotiation process, from the drafting and review of relevant terms and conditions to the all-important compliance requirements. We assist with an assessment of the optimal balance of capital sources through the evaluation of the most appropriate equity and debt structures for the transaction. This back-up enables your business’s leadership to realise significant value through the transaction itself and the resultant impact on your company’s capital structure.

How can we help your business?

We bring calm and structure to any transaction by leveraging off the capabilities and experience of our extensive network of trusted partners and industry experts. As a Step Advisory client you can expect us to:

  • Put our network of trusted service providers to work for you.
  • Advise you openly and accurately as we work towards achieving your strategic and financial objectives behind the transaction.
  • Define the key terms and conditions required to execute a successful transaction.
  • Provide advice and negotiation support throughout the transaction process until deal conclusion.
  • Support you through the completion of all required submissions, ensuring that all applicable compliance requirements are met.

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