At Step Advisory we pride ourselves on supporting executives in the delivery of strategic and business-critical initiatives. We do this by applying effective project management methods which we then use to translate strategy into practical steps and actions. It is in the execution of strategy where our team comes into its own, guiding and executing the design, assembly and deployment of your future focused business plan with the aim of realizing full value, business growth and the benefits of operational savings.

Realising value is our aim. We use flexible, outcomes-based project management to deliver timeously and effectively

If you are looking for a team that takes accountability for delivering results, that adds tangible value and shares your risks in delivery, then Step Advisory is your perfect fit.

As a partner, we understand the pressures on business leaders and how our project management capabilities can help unlock vital details, ensuring dependencies are highlighted, milestones are met and critical paths are addressed.

We’re obsessed with outcomes

Depending on your needs, your environment and your team structure – whether your business is expanding, consolidating or rationalising – we will set up scrum teams to work with your operational teams. Together these teams will collaborate to outline agile principles or waterfall charts. We are not tied to a single methodology, instead we are guided by you and your organisation. Only after critically assessing your situation we will devise a suggested route.

We are obsessed with outcomes and not with output or completing tasks. Quality outcomes are found where purposeful teams operate within mindful processes. Through our flexible project management approach, we address both elements.

How can we help your business?

Our built-for-purpose teams will assist in turning your ideas into reality, creating healthy business habits and energizing your organisation through successful execution.

With Step Advisory in your corner you are guaranteed the rollout of collaborative engagements with your executive team as we work together to understand and plan your strategic agenda and formalize the rationale for developing a new project or business. We help to embed this strategy within your organisation by working with the team tasked with running the project or business and use insights gained during these collaborative sessions to set up the project that will ultimately deliver the strategy.

To ensure transparency to all stakeholders throughout the process, we establish efficient communication channels, forums, tracking tools and dashboards.

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