OKR coaching is like a regular course correction. It’s a process of ongoing inquiry where you stop to engage with a coach who has seen some of the pitfalls and challenges before. Together, you embark on a thought-provoking and creative process to solve the challenges facing your business within the realities of your team and organisational context.

Diagnose the true root cause

Individuals and teams regularly bump into roadblocks or encounter bumps along the way. During these times, OKR coaching will provide an inquisitive view, partnering with you to diagnose the root cause or issue at hand.

Having identified the cause, Step Advisory will work with you and your business to create a fit-for-purpose solution. Our experts have extensive experience working with OKRs and can confidently say that everyone stands to benefit from coaching – even great coaches need a coach.

Enhance the value

Even when no roadblocks present themselves, an OKR coach can assist with thinking through the logical next steps to take OKRs to the next level within your organisation. The value of these sessions is particularly evident for senior leaders, executives and CEOs, who find they can significantly enhance the value gained from OKRs throughout the organisation.

Utilising the OKR framework progresses your company towards its mission, decentralises strategy execution and effectively drives the scalability of your organisation.

At Step Advisory, we believe you understand how to solve your business problems – this is not our role. Instead we are well placed to assist you in solving the problems faced with the OKRs process which, in turn, will enable a level of scalability that would not be possible otherwise.

Because of the high level of adaptability of the framework, a process of constant questioning and critical thinking will ensure consideration of different options, tweaking the framework for the best results and, eventually, effective execution.

How can we help your business?

OKR coaching is best engaged through a set number of monthly hours. Regular one-on-one sessions will be set up with individuals where a range of different topics and queries can be addressed.

Coaching will be beneficial during all phases of OKRs – from initial deployment to the first training sessions and the OKR cycles thereafter. At each stage, there are different pitfalls to watch out for and important considerations which should be taken into account.

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