Most serious investors are excellent at evaluating potential investments and performing the required due diligence processes prior to committing to the transaction. However, many fail to perform post-investment reviews in order to objectively assess the integration and value uplift following the transaction. Fortunately this crucial aspect of the process can be handled by the Step Advisory team.

Independent objective assessment

We support investors who have completed a transaction to independently and objectively assess the assumptions made during the investment process and to realign the value creation plans based on the post-transaction integration. We provide an independent and objective review of how the business is placed post investment and this allows our clients to focus on specific areas with an eye to either mitigating risk or capitalising on new opportunities.

By performing an investment review within the first year of the transaction’s completion, the investor gains a timeous understanding of the feasibility of the value uplift, whether the expected synergies can be realised and if the strategy should be adjusted.

How can we help your business?

Step Advisory’s ability to understand both market and business insights equips us to evaluate an investment during the post-transaction phase to objectively highlight where assumptions have not manifested as required and to provide potential reasons for this.

Our approach is to review both the value creation plan and forecasts, to interrogate them in a non-threatening way by testing the key assumptions in the investment case, and then to look for supporting evidence of the successes realised since the transaction. We will also seek to identify if there are any significant obstacles in place that need to be overcome in order to successfully complete the integration.

The Step Advisory team will evaluate if the existing strategy is still on track and if adjustments need to be made to realign investor expectations.

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