As a business leader you will have experienced situations where you just don’t have the required capacity or capability to successfully execute. Maybe you are experiencing a peak in project workload or require specialist skills needed to implement growth initiatives or the management of costs and efficiencies. Our team of skilled self-starters can be brought in as flexible operational resources to help fill the gap during these challenging periods, helping to reduce the risk associated with missing out on critical business opportunities.

We engage with senior leaders, project teams and leaders to ensure you have the correct resources at your fingertips.

Executives, product owners and project sponsors are often faced with short-term constraints when it comes to project resourcing – either in terms of capacity or capability. These constraints need to be addressed immediately to avoid second-order effects – often times taking on a full-time employee, along with the associated overheads, is not always the best route. Our project resourcing team members combine years of strategy and implementation experience with project management skills. Step Advisory’s professionals ensure that new projects are cost-effectively delivered and can easily be integrated into your business. We will engage with the senior leader of the project to understand the objectives and requirements, and then work at an operational level with project teams and managers to ensure resources with the right skills and experience are correctly allocated.

We solve your project resourcing challenges by:


Our team will pick up the most pertinent pieces of work as directed by you and your senior leadership team. Our experts are well versed in disciplines ranging from finance and dashboarding to strategy, project management, value-chain mapping and training. Our team can be deployed in myriad ways depending on the specific needs of your business.


Step Advisory has partnered with Roundpeg Talent to secure the best professionals in the market – from specialist project and programme professionals to finance executives and senior leaders. We strive to support you by allocating top-end professionals to your business; skilled individuals who are aligned with your values and committed to enabling your corporate strategy, enhancing your team and delivering growth in your business.

How can we help your business?

Oftentimes we find our clients understand the strategic imperatives of their companies but often don’t have access to the full complement of skills or capacity of talent to ‘get it done’. The ability to ‘get it done’ in a fast-changing world is required to leverage the myriad opportunities facing today’s business leaders.


‘Getting it done’ reduces your backlog, frees up mind space, increases the customer and employee sentiment and ultimately increases your impact on the world.


Step Advisory’s skilled professionals are adept at filling the capacity gap. With our experts on board, you reduce the risk of missing out on key opportunities. At the same time, your business does not have to carry the burden of full-time overhead costs.

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