Strategic communication is the art of communicating critically important, and often complex information in a succinct, visually appealing way to ensure the most pertinent points resonate with the appropriate target audience.

Expertly communicated strategic and business information


Our strategic communication team works across all facets of your organisation to effectively communicate critically important and relevant information, using the most suitable medium to ensure the message is understood and remembered.


Step Advisory ensures that all your information is synthesised into impactful, visually appealing presentations, documents or artefacts, that succinctly communicate the most critical and relevant information in a story that is easily understood.


At Step Advisory, all your communication pieces are worked on by our team and designed by our graphic design experts to ensure that the correct message is articulated and there is no risk of the message being “lost in translation”.

How can we help your business?

In the current world, with endless data points and sources of insights, it is becoming commonplace for critical strategic messages to be confused or misunderstood during the communication process due to an overload of information. Our process looks to synthesis the information into the most important elements that are used to communicate an intuitive story in an appropriate format for your target audience.

Some of the strategic communication pieces that we help you deliver:

  • Annual Results Presentations
  • Strategy on a Page (infographic)
  • Strategy Communication decks
  • Investor Memorandums
  • Roadshow documents and presentations
  • Value proposition positioning documents

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