Market research and analysis provide a comprehensive understanding of the external environment in which your company operates. We work with you to discover and evaluate new or existing markets, products and key geographies.

Make informed choices with market research and analysis.

When considering the optimal strategic journey of your business, we know the advantage that comes with a greater understanding of external markets; how these are categorised or segmented, their size and behavioural traits. Market research and analysis will provide you with tangible supporting data points and the necessary information to objectively assess the opportunities, risks and other pertinent factors impacting existing or new market evaluations. These insights are invaluable for effective decision making when implementing a growth or market retention strategy.

To ensure sustainable growth in your business, Step Advisory’s extensive industry knowledge across several industries assures you access to the best market research and analysis to inform market strategy and key market insights. These insights will support your objective decision making with respect to:

  • Developing new products.
  • Designing new channels.
  • Expanding into new markets or geographies.

Market Research & Analysis Overview:

The process of market research and analysis can be broken down into three parts. A trend analysis is often a precursor to market segmentation as it creates a framework for understanding industry boundaries, characteristics, customers, financials and processes. Market segmentation, followed by a thorough market sizing can build on this analysis.


Market trajectory research and insights with a detailed understanding of the determinants of an industry or market’s behaviour and trends.


Insights to better understand the quantitative (size) and qualitative (profile) aspects of the relevant market.


An external analysis of the market size and value to understand how attractive the market/industry/segment is in terms of size, characteristics, growth and revenue potential.

Understand the historic, current, and likely future nature of the operating environment.

A market analysis plays an important role in highlighting where a business is exposed to exogenous risks and guides a strategy to mitigate competitive threats. The process also discovers where capability gaps and opportunities exist and helps to identify key strengths inherent in an existing business model. Familiarity with and an understanding of trends in the market is essential when defining a strategy for improved performance and is fundamental to the development of new products, channels and business models. Equipped with an all-inclusive view of the size of the market – the profile and characteristics of the market, the current and future position, as well as the state of the market – leaders can build better strategy and implement practices designed to achieve longer-term business sustainability.

How can we help your business?

  • Understanding the need for sizing and identifying the strategic objectives once the market size has been established.
  • Assessing the market segmentation model and market trends for consideration in determining the current and potential size.
  • Gathering, analysing and reviewing data regarding the market size, including gaps and trends in the data.
  • Assessing the drivers of market size feeds into a top-down or bottom-up approach for sizing and quantifying the market by value or volume.
  • Developing a strategy to guide growth to optimal market share.

The Step Advisory team boasts significant experience across a range of markets. Our skills, coupled with bespoke desktop research (including leveraging off subscription databases) and engagement with subject matter experts, provides you and your business with a comprehensive view of what is required to develop a robust growth strategy.

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