Step Advisory provides commercial and financial due diligence services that objectively evaluate a potential investment opportunity. Our bespoke approach enables us to present insights on strategic, market, financial, operational risks and potential value creation-related opportunities. This approach enables us to support you and your business in making robust and informed investment decisions.

Due diligence can be financially or commercially focused


A financial due diligence focuses specifically on an independent, inside-out analysis to validate the financial performance of a target company in relation to its forecasted growth. Through a review of the key business drivers and associated financials, Step Advisory is able to provide an assessment of key financial risks facing a business, as well as the opportunities for efficiency and value creation.


A commercial due diligence provides an in-depth review of the commercial drivers of both the business and the market. It is aimed at understanding the market dynamics (local and global), the competitive landscape, external forces and opportunities for growth available to the target company. The review will also focus on identifying both key strategic and key operational risks.

Through collaboration with our strategic partners we leverage our extensive network of subject matter experts, this enhances the relevance and depth of insights provided during the due diligence process. Through collaboration with trusted partners, we also provide specific talent, IT, tax and legal due diligence services, enabling us to cover all the elements requiring an independent review.

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Due Diligence: Informed investment decisions

Step Advisory provides transaction support to both the investor and investee involved in the transaction process. Our offering assists you to make informed investment decisions by providing independent and objective analysis on key risks and opportunities associated with businesses involved in the transaction. This enables you and your business to formulate a clear view of growth projections and, ultimately, the fair market value of the transaction.

Thanks to our extensive experience in strategy formulation and execution, the Step Advisory process looks beyond identifying potential business and market-related risks to highlight the strategic imperatives that enable sustainable future growth in both the target and the acquirer.

Independent, objective advisors

Businesses involved in the transaction process require immediate access to detailed business, industry and market insights to further inform their investment decision. This underlines the importance of working with an independent and objective advisor who can provide an assessment of the commercial and financial outlook of the target. Based on this information, you and your leadership team can support or revise their investment thesis.

Step Advisory’s highly skilled team combines extensive experience in the capital investment process with knowledge gleaned from a wide variety of industries to provide you and your business with the insight you need to make robust investment decisions.

Additionally, our in-depth understanding of the strategy process has enabled us to align the output of the due diligence offering with the strategic objectives of the transactor and the underlying target. This differentiated service effectively positions your team to make well-informed investment decisions that drive strategic growth.

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How can we help your business?

The due diligence process, both financial and commercial, involves working closely with the management team of the target companies to obtain a deep understanding of the operations. Where required these insights are supported by customer and supplier interviews. Additionally, Step Advisory collaborates with subject matter experts and strategic partners to enhance the relevance and depth of insights we provide to you and your company.

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