When it comes to the important capital raising process, the Step Advisory team will guide you through all capital requirements and associated return obligations, as well as preparing the relevant documentation and driving the process forward. Our offering includes strategic communication expertise which outlines the value of the potential investment and offers exposure to networks of businesses and individuals looking to invest capital for meaningful returns.

Connect with potential investors

Access to serious investors is critical in the capital raising process, which makes exposure to quality networks of the utmost importance. This is just one of the benefits that come with working with the Step Advisory team when you embark on the process of raising capital to invest in either your own business or for acquisitive transactions.

Our experts provide experience and expertise across the various elements of the capital raising process, providing access to our extensive network of potential investors and industry partners, while guiding you towards a successful capital raise.

How can we help your business?

Our experienced team will assist in the intricate process of preparing the required documents needed to effectively communicate your plan for the capital raise, including the capital deployment strategy and expected returns. By understanding your strategic goals and needs in relation to your capital requirements, we are able to connect you with potential investors who provide sufficient capital and also demonstrate a strategic fit which is aligned to your return expectations. This increases the chance of a successful capital raise and the development of a productive and long-term relationship.

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