SMEI’s feasibility exploration and market assessment

SMEI aimed to evaluate the feasibility of its renewable energy solution by examining its viability at three different sites. They sought to assess the energy demands of these locations to determine whether their innovative offerings could be a viable model for consideration in the market, either through an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

SMEI developed an innovative renewable energy solution and identified an opportunity to provide it to shopping centers. They approached Step to test the overall concept and gain a clear understanding of the potential opportunities and challenges associated with this solution. The insights enabled SMEI to make an informed decision on whether to pursue this business opportunity and determine the most effective way for SMEI to position itself in the renewable energy market.



Feasibility Assessment


7 weeks



Step interviewed various landlords and SMEs to understand the need and pain points in the market which guided enhancements to the SMEI value proposition. The feasibility of various business models were investigated and compared against each other and presented back to SMEI. Electricity consumption and blended rates were calculated to create a financial model that would inform the viability of the solution.

The financial model produced allowed SMEI to do a comparison of pricing and costing strategies with those of competitors in the market. This enabled SMEI to determine the most appropriate next steps to pursue.

Step Advisory proved to be extremely informative and offered sound advice in taking our prospective ideas to the next level , we would certainly recommend the assistance Step offered our business.”