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We specialise in facilitating sustainability strategies for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're just starting out your journey or looking to enhance your existing sustainability initiatives, our expert team can help you develop a comprehensive framework to future-proof your business.

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    We’ll assist you to understand the ESG landscape, identify the material sustainability areas within your business and create a framework to focus your efforts

    Awareness about the current sustainability landscape and what organisations similar to your company are doing

    Buy-in and engagement from key stakeholders in the business that are going to be instrumental on the journey

    The overall direction that the company wants to move towards from a sustainability perspective

    More detailed objectives with key measures and initiatives to drive action

    Suggested mechanisms to drive ongoing progress on the sustainability strategy


    Together with our partners, Ince, we work closely with your leadership team and other key stakeholders in multiple workshops to co-create an informed sustainability strategy relevant for your business.


    Understanding the ESG landscape

    Perform high-level research on various local and global organisations and extract key insights on material sustainability issues, which will be shared in a working session.

    Finding your material areas

    Use the same working session to facilitate the extraction of ESG focus areas using a materiality matrix and prioritisation principles.

    Developing the framework

    We hold working sessions with smaller groups to unpack the current impact areas, initiatives, areas of improvement and potential obstacles for driving change within each focus area. We will then collate and distill information into a strategic framework that is simple to understand yet will drive action.

    Determining next steps

    Package into an agreed-upon format to enable effective communication and engagement. Customisation of packaging depends on the package selected. Accountability is allocated and suggested next steps are documented


    Why do you need a sustainability strategy?

    Developing a sustainability strategy will give your business and the leadership team direction, ensure you understand your business’s material risks and opportunities from a sustainability perspective, and allow you to prioritise your time and investment on the most impactful elements that will contribute to future-proofing your business. With key ESG criteria increasingly being factored into investment and business decisions, business leaders need to show how they’re actively working to address the issues at hand.

    How long does the process run for?

    Typically, you should expect a five-week process for a standard solution. We start with a kick-off meeting with project sponsors to gain context and the reason for the journey, followed by market research into the sustainability efforts of similar companies. After which, we have a direction workshop with the leadership team where we play back our research findings, and facilitate the extraction of ESG focus areas. This assists us, in addition to more granular insights gathered in working sessions with a broader team, to develop the draft strategy. After a workshop where the draft strategy is debated and iterated on, we package the final strategy into an agreed-upon format.

    Why are Step and Ince the right partners for you?

    The combination of proven strategy formulation expertise and experience with broad sustainability theoretical and practical knowledge will ensure you create a solid foundation as your start your journey.

    Step Advisory has a 15-year proven track record of developing insightful, well-researched, and informed growth strategies for our clients, and helping them achieve tangible outcomes through efficient execution. By stress-testing strategic thinking, nurturing credible diversity of thought and analysing multiple scenarios, Step provides an objective perspective that you as a leader can trust and the kind of ingenuity that comes from looking at a problem with fresh eyes.

    Ince is an investor communications agency who assists a wide variety of corporate clients with meeting their regulatory disclosure requirements and effectively communicating their stories to the right audience, across multiple channels. Further, Ince equips investors with the tools they need to connect with like-minded people and the information they need to make more informed investment decisions. Having started out as a print business over 100 years ago and then shifting gears to assisting our clients align with best practice in

    integrated reporting, Ince has since further evolved to offer their clients ESG-related advisory.

    What about all the reporting standards and frameworks?

    We understand that there is considerable pressure for companies, especially those in the listed environment, to consider the guidance of a broad range of sustainability frameworks to support reporting functions. While starting your sustainability strategy process with a view of wide-ranging disclosure metrics and issues is important, setting your organisation up for focused action requires choosing the most pressing impact areas to prioritise and dedicate resources to.

    Do you have any packages?

    We have three pre-packaged solutions available; Lite, Standard, and Premium.


    • Create awareness within your leadership team around ESG and the potential impact on the future relevance and performance of your company going forward.
    • Who is it for: Smaller companies that understand that their long-term relevance relies on understanding and responding to the changing ESG landscape, however do not have the appetite to heavily invest right now


    • Recommended as a comprehensive starting point
    • Understand the opportunities and risks from an ESG perspective for your business and develop initial plans to progress your sustainability agenda.
    • Who is it for: Any company that urgently needs to kick-start their ESG journeys due to various pressures (e.g. customer pressure, access to funding), and therefore requires awareness and buy-in from their leadership team and an initial plan to  prompt action


    • Obtain a deep understanding of the opportunities and risks from an ESG perspective for your business, and develop a detailed roadmap to mitigate the most significant risks and progress you towards your most ambitious targets
    • Who is it for: Any company that urgently needs to mitigate ESG risks and seize opportunities in the market, and can’t afford to not invest heavily immediately into education, the right direction and well-informed initiatives and action to get results

    The above pre-packaged solutions give you an idea of how we can support you and what a typical engagement could look like. However, the process will be customised based on what you need as an organisation.

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