Future thinking and strategy formulation for expanding leadership team at Kiron

Step Advisory facilitated a new strategy for the Kiron leadership team to enable them to continue their excellent growth path and propel the business forward over the next three years.

Kiron Interactive is a proudly South African, founder-led organisation that has been pioneering the international virtual gaming landscape for over two decades. Kiron experienced excellent growth during the COVID pandemic, and the business wanted to ensure the correct strategic decisions were taken to continue this growth trajectory into the future. Kiron also had a newly formed executive leadership team, and the founders believed it was an excellent time to invite all the leaders to be part of co-creating the business strategy for the future.



5 weeks


Virtual Gaming

The Step team used their collaborative strategy facilitation process to first understand the market Kiron operates in and the unique perspective of each of the individuals involved in the process. Following this, a series of workshops were held to imagine and design the future that the team wanted to create.

Step Advisory crafted a well-articulated strategy presentation for the leadership team that highlighted the key focus areas and clear objectives to guide the business over the next three years. The strategy was crafted in a way to drive clear accountability and practical Implementation. While the ultimate result of the strategy will only be known in a few years, there were encouraging results from this process. The leadership team agreed on an overall purpose for the business and defined a clear set of corporate values that would be used to drive behaviour within the organisation. They are excited about the ambition that they have set for the business and the core focus areas that would guide them to their success. The leadership team also had a deep sense of what needed to be done both in the long term and in the next financial year as a result of the process.

Kiron then took the strategy deliverable, as well as the strategy-on-a-page developed by Step and built this into an excellent explainer video to activate and launch their strategy internally to the broader team.

Step facilitated all sessions and engagements in such a way that allowed for exceptional collaboration; the result was a practical and clear strategic vision. Through their approach, they assisted the leadership team in developing an ambition, value set and executable strategy that was effectively communicated and received by the business.